$ 171.25

For its encore performance the Warrior is back with new graphics and this time around it has a low-bow profile. Still THE stick for a power player, the blade and sides are specially fortified to handle whatever you can throw at it. Add the low-bow profile and trapping, dribbling and passing become a cinch… what more can you ask from a stick!

Type Composite
Bend 23mm
Bend Position 20cm (Low Bow)
Shape Mega
Integrated Technology CR-39 Edge Protection, AHSI, PU-NC Wrap, Omega 315 Core
Strength Factor 15
Composite % 70% Carbon, 29.5% Fiberglass, .5% CNT-infused Resin (Carbon Nano Tubes)
Weight (grams) Light: 520-540g,  Medium: 550-560g
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