$ 134.25

Taking our most successful design series even further we present you with the all new RAGE Blue. There is more to this hockey then just being an extension of a design theme. We have had a lot of time to perfect our low-bow profile sticks. The RAGE Blue has slightly thicker edges imbued with our CR-39 edge protection technology, protecting against those devastating back-hand shots. The RAGE blue is awe inspiring; it's the epitome of sophistication. The vintage series is where we lend all our creative abilities to transform a field hockey stick into a thing of subtle beauty. Blue is symbolic of the sky and the sea, demure in appearance the RAGE Blue carries in its core startling fury.

Type Composite
Bend 24.8mm
Bend Position Low Bow
Shape Midi
Integrated Technology AHSI, Omega 315 Core, CR-39, PU-NC Wrap
Strength Factor 15
Composite % 70% Carbon, 25% Fiberglass, 5% Kevlar
Weight (grams) Light: 520-540g,  Medium: 550-560g
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