$ 49.00

The Draconis provides RAGE kids with the perfect stick for starters and experienced children alike. Our observations here at RAGE have found that while not breaking the sticks the kids have a tendency to drag the stick and deform the head, reducing the playability of the stick. Accordingly along with fiberglass shaft reinforcements the Draconis comes with additional Kevlar head protection providing the best abrasion protection available, ensuing maximal value for player and parents alike. The unique design of the Draconis is sure to catch the eye of any RAGE youngster.

Type Composite
Bend 19mm
Bend Position 25cm (Normal Bow)
Shape J Shape
Integrated Technology PU-NC Wrap
Strength Factor 3
Composite % Mulberry Shaft, Ply Head with 98% Fiberglass, 2% Kevlar
Weight (grams) Light: 500-520g
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