CX 3000

$ 89.00

The RAGE CX 3000 is our front line model of the CX series, using our new innovative Carbon-X technology; we have imbued this stick with the characteristic qualities of RAGE sticks. The emphasis of the reinforcement and the structure is to allow speed and hard hitting power to the player. CX 3000 is for the all-rounder who can defend and attack. This stick is suitable for advanced players who want to use their talents and increase their skills to the fullest. With its elegant design and sleek finish the CX 3000 is sure to blow you away.

Type Composite
Bend 18mm
Bend Position Mid-point
Shape Maxi
Integrated Technology AHSI, PU-NC Wrap
Strength Factor 9
Composite % 85% Fiberglass, 10% Carbon, 5% Kevlar
Weight (grams) Light: 520-540g,  Medium: 550-560g

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