$ 194.50

The stand out stick of the year! If the most unique colors ever were not enough, this work of art introduces a brand new mould shape to the RAGE repertoire. A maxi head with a crooked ending, the blade has a generous sweet spot that also aids in cradling the ball for blinding maneuverability. With this stick you get all the basics like edge protection, abrasion resistance and the works. The Aurora will be a delight for those who take pride in their stick skills, so let the beautifully crafted RAGE Aurora light your way! 
Type Composite
Bend 22mm
Bend Position Mid-Point
Shape Maxi-C
Integrated Technology CR-39 Reinforced Edges, Omega-315 Core Vibration Dampening, AHSI Abrasion Resistance, PU-NC Wrap
Strength Factor 16
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