RAGE Technology

At RAGE, we create radical products for the dynamic player. We stand for newness. We embrace technology. And we deliver performance. Our contributions to the game of field hockey span generations and we invest more than anyone in R&D to bring you absolute brilliance.

We have found the correct way to use different fibers to extract maximum benefit out of them. We have devised different fibre ratios and combinations to improve and control key factors like strength; weight distribution etc. we have also established an architectural structure of placement to enhance the performance of the hockey stick to its fullest. RAGE Hockey® proudly adds the following new advancements in its already illustrious repertoire of previous innovations.

The integration of RAGE® Hockey's CR-39 edge reinforcing system ensures maximum damage control against reverse hitting. By creating a Carbon-Kevlar® mesh matrix around the shaft and layering Nano-Carbon particle strips on the edges, we increase compactness allowing for greater durability of the edges and improved rigidity, stiffness and resistance to abrasion throughout the shaft.

Omega 315
The Omega 315 core is a special Fiber Matrix wrapping technique, reducing the torque mechanics and increasing the rotational inertia at the molecular level thereby offering excellent vibration dampening in our Composites. The Omega 315 core also improves core stability to reduce energy loss providing a softer feel when hitting or trapping the ball in high carbon percentage sticks.

Abbreviated as Advanced Hockey Splitting Inhibitor, AHSI is a culmination of RAGE® Hockey's years of experience and expertise in composites. AHSI is actually a pattern of added carbon-Kevlar mesh reinforcement on high stress points of a field hockey stick. AHSI is used in top-end sticks to increase durability, strength and overall structural integrity.

PU-NC Wrap
This is a special innovative technique that helps to prolong the cosmetics of the stick. By using a polyurethane and nitrocellulose lacquer layering technique, we are able to make an outer layer of protective covering over the finished stick. The outer NC layer does not adhere to the actual stick and flakes off over time with out damaging the actual lacquer and paint of the stick thus increasing the life span of the stick.

Quad Core
Introducing a revolutionary new concept in composite field hockey construction, the Quad Core technology is a special pre-preg formation technique that allows for 3 walls to be constructed thereby creating 4 chambers in the shaft tube. This system substantially increases the vibration dampening and stiffness properties of a field hockey stick. Using other additives in the mix, even low carbon percentage sticks can be made stiffer and stronger.

Dynamic Shaft Bend (DSB)
With the ever increasing level of skill and speed, the DSB is perfected to suit the majority of players. The DSB is customizable in RAGE Wooden Sticks to suit exact player requirements.

This is our in-house modified version of graphite fibre customized for use in hockey sticks. The result of this unique component has increased the overall strength of our sticks by 30 - 35%

Advanced Hockey Splitting Inhibitor (AHSI)
This is the evolved state of MSI, it is a carbon-aramid braid placed from the bottom-side to half the length of the stick. This technology is especially helpful in preventing damages caused by use of the Argentinean Backhand (reverse hitting)