About RAGE

Bringing you the best quality field hockey equipment is what we are all about.

Field hockey equipment is fast evolving and we have to be on our toes to meet the ever-changing technical demands. At the same time, the "business" of field hockey is also in a state of transition. For us, the interactive nature of the internet creates a community vibe and involvement that is the life-force of the RAGE brand and our business. The web has been instrumental in our growth, and we have embraced experimenting with its tools and technologies. From our social networking website to interactive sponsorships to online design submissions, an entrepreneurial spirit dedicated to offering something more to our customers has been a primary focus for RAGE.

For years, RAGE equipment has been globally tested and embraced. Now our RAGE USA website is the focus to bring our superb sticks and equipment to our US customers. We can now streamline product information, integrate special offers and offer an unparalleled e-commerce experience through our website. And with the aid of other relevant social media tools, we can now give you the best possible brand experience and customer service.

Our product range is a celebration of all of you who have supported our products and brand. We promise you responsive customer service, awesome products and cutting-edge technological innovation!

Yours truly,

The RAGE USA Field Hockey Team