$ 129.00

You can’t get better than the new RAGE Surge, at least that’s what the testers felt and we just can’t wait for your review. By design, construction and composition this is an international level stick but at a price-point that’s lighter on the pocket. So, how did we manage that? Carbon Nano Tubes reinforcement, new carbon-glass matrix design and an improved epoxy formulation! Plus and its no secret, we want you hooked on RAGE, so we are happy to pass on certain discounts for you to experience the RAGE Edge. With our new low-bow stick profile, sturdy construction and stick balance that we can take pride in, try the new RAGE Surge for that extra ‘oomph’ in your game!

Type Composite
Bend 19mm
Bend Position 25cm (Normal Bow)
Shape J Shape
Integrated Technology AHSI, PU-NC Wrap
Strength Factor 9
Composite % 30% Carbon, 70% Fiberglass
Weight (grams) Light: 520-540g,  Medium: 550-560g
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