$ 164.25

The beast is back meaner, bigger and tougher. The Minotaur is unequivocally the best power-hitting stick ever in our range. This warmonger is graphite intensive with the center of gravity carefully calibrated towards the head of the stick to give you that demonic swing! What's more incorporating our Patent Pending new technology of Juxtaposed Carbon Plates on the sweet spot of the stick, you will be hitting smoothly and most importantly more viciously than ever before. So En garde defenders for your nemesis is nigh!

Type Composite
Bend 22mm
Bend Position Center
Shape Midi-Plus
Integrated Technology JCP, AHSI, Omega 315 Core, CR-39, PU-NC Wrap
Strength Factor 15
Composite % 70% Carbon, 30% Fiberglass, .2% CNT-infused Resin (Carbon Nano Tubes)
Weight (grams) Light: 520-540g,  Medium: 550-560g
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